A Briefly Lit Fire

The Stockholm rioters who are setting cars and schools on fire are identified as immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East, but their religious affiliation is unmentioned. The law abiding Swedish citizens who attempt to defend their city and their homes and their families are identified by the authorities as right-wing extremists and neo-Nazis. This cowardice by Western authorities will continue until someone puts a stop to it, violently if necessary. The alternative is a slow and increasingly violent death of Western civilization at the hands of the barbarians. The brilliant, briefly lit fire of Western thought, science and art will die, as other civilizations have died before us, and life will continue, though not as before.

The western sky, a setting sun
Snow topped mountains gleaming gold
Shadows turn the desert dun
Science, music, art untold
Once discarded aren’t returned
Once great cities, soul and heart
Of the West, destroyed and burned
Pilgrims harried and depart
Like Detroit, a hollow shell
New York, London meet their fate
Say goodbye and wish them well
Time is gone, the hour late
But the world will soon forget
There was once a better place
Where free people freely met
Challenges with smiling grace
Night is nigh, and come the dawn
Others follow in their way
They won’t miss us when we’re gone
And the sun sets day by day

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