The Good Brig Obama

The Ship of State, once a brand spanking new two masted sweet sailing brig, is now captained by a man who knows nothing of brigs or sailing, but knows everything about siccing the IRS on people he perceives as enemies. We are driven before the wind by a man who knows nothing about governance but everything about blaming an unknown film maker for terrorist attacks. The captain of the good ship USS United States has lashed himself to the wheel and is about to run off the edge of the Earth. The day is growing dark, Vespers is upon us, and we can but say our evening prayers

As evening prayer got under way
And bade the brig Obama stay
The chaplain said in opening prayers
That thanks to folks like good Bill Ayers
The ship of state on which they sailed
Was by the people proudly hailed
As bringing hope and change to all
And for his text he turned to Paul
Obama, though, lashed to the wheel
While steering from behind did feel
The rising wind quite blowing hard
And as he watched the topsail yard
Came crashing down upon the deck
As White House staff cried, “What the heck!”
The forestays went, the jib as well
Now bobbing in the ocean swell
The brig Obama hung in stays
While all recalled the glory days
When sailing proudly ‘fore the wind
Topgallants bent and pennants pinned
Yet in an instant, all aghast
There fell the stately, stout main mast
Into the sea went rigging, sails
The Cabinet reduced to wails
Obama though, remained serene
Lashed to the wheel, at severe lean
“‘Tis but a temporary lull!
Behold the soundness of the hull!”
There came there then a wrenching sound
As planking flew and knees gave ground
And as she sank the band played on
Some took to boats but O stayed on
And as the ship sank ‘neath the waves
There passed one of the greatest knaves
To ever sail the ship of state
Onto the rocks most saw too late
To be the end he had in mind
Lashed to the wheel, led from behind
The sea now calm, the wreckage gone
The vespers sung, awaiting dawn

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