A Chance Encounter

Bill Clinton sat in his private plane on the tarmac in the VIP section of Phoenix airport waiting for the private plane of Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General of the United States, to land. When it did, he left his plane and walked into the AG’s plane where the Attorney General dismissed her staff and had a private thirty minute meeting with the ex-president, who, along with his wife, Hillary Clinton, are under criminal investigation by the FBI and Loretta Lynch’s Justice Department. Outrage ensued, though the leftist media hardly mentioned it, with cries in some quarters that the Attorney General recuse herself from the case against the Clintons, plus calls for a Special Prosecutor to be appointed. It has been suggested that Bill Clinton clumsily damaged his wife’s political chances by his inappropriate actions, but I don’t believe Bill Clinton was clumsy at all. I believe Bill Clinton was simply pointing out to the Attorney General that the Clintons are wired in at the top and are well known for handsomely rewarding their friends, and that Hillary has stated many times that she plans to keep Loretta Lynch in her job. The fix is in folks, and Hillary skates. At least until Trump is elected.

A meeting in a private plane
Just old friends reminiscing
They talked of grandkids in the main
But what is it we’re missing?
Corruption is a Clinton trait
The law is meant for others
And so in Phoenix he would wait
And give to her her druthers
A pleasant job, a pleasant life
A private plane for travel
Her job was safe with old Bill’s wife
Don’t let it all unravel
He smiled and said this little chat
Stays in this plush compartment
A ruling by the AG that
Is shared by your Department
Allowing a free honest vote
No more investigation
And you will get a thank you note
From a rich and grateful nation

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