The Gentle Sound Of Rain

James Comey, the Director of the FBI, announced that in spite of the mountain of damning evidence against her, Hillary Clinton is cleared of all charges. The Left has won, and we enter the era of lawlessness where the connected and the powerful are above the law. The Left captured the ballot box some time ago and now rules in perpetuity, and we now see that that rule includes the complete and utter disregard for the law. And that is tyranny. The Left has won, and Barack Obama has completed his fundamental transformation of the United States into a third world dictatorship.

Outside the shuttered windows comes the gentle sound of rain
And in the distance, dimly heard, the rumble of a train
The mournful whistle as the cars climb slowly up the ridge
To disappear in doppler’d tones and race down for the bridge
The rain was welcome to the few who worked the fallow field
Surrounding shuttered windows of the folks who would not yield
Who waited in the darkness for the knock upon the door
And to the freight yard where the crowded boxcars stood before
The darkened freight yard damp and cold, lit by a tiny lamp
The passengers bound for the far re-education camp
Inside the shuttered boxcar came the sound of moving train
And in the distance, dimly heard, the gentle sound of rain

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