Yankee Doodle

Today is the Fourth of July, a day once universally celebrated in the United States, but a day that today’s public school and college educated kids know nothing about because the Left has erased all memory of America’s past, and if you aren’t told about something it doesn’t exist, at least not for you. The country now no longer honors its soldiers, it has been taught by the Left to despise them. Veterans are left to die unattended in the Obama administration VA hospitals. American flags are taken from graves and thrown into dumpsters. An oppressed world once cried for the appearance of the Yankee soldiers to rescue them, but now we cry for the way our own people treat them. Yankee soldiers. How did they get that name? Well, during the Revolutionary War, a war now completely unknown to our current young people, a surgeon in the British army, poking fun at the rude colonial boys playing at being officers and gentlemen, wrote a ditty called Yankee Doodle, describing a yokel putting a feather in his cap and calling it macaroni, a reference to British military slang that referred to gold braid as macaroni, as we now call gold braid scrambled eggs. The rude colonial boys turned the tables and proudly proclaimed themselves Yankee Doodle. Yes, it is the Fourth of July, and some of us remember what it means and what it meant. And yes, it is still a grand old flag, despite the efforts of the Left to tear it down, and when you see our flag on this Fourth of July, think about it, think about the soldiers who have given their lives so that you may live in a free country and go to school and be taught to despise them.

Yes, she’s a grand old flag
She’s a high flying flag
And forever and ever she’ll wave
And we take great pride
In the men who died
To keep this the home of the brave
We’ve been tried before
In the bad times and war
And we’ve always come through in the end
For the stars and stripes
Lead the drums and pipes
In the march down the street, round the bend
To the promised land
That the brave brothered band
Left to us by the red, white and blue
Yes they died for the flag
For that high flying flag
May we always have brave men and true

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