The Warnings Of The Fates

The dying West will still be here in fifty years, but demographics don’t lie. What will not be here will be the capability or the will of an aging and minority White population to defend itself against the barbarian. The death of the West will cascade into the death of the megacities of the near future, for the teeming masses of those megacities depend on reliable food and medical supplies. None of these non-Western megacities have the capacity to produce the food and technology necessary to keep its populace alive. Without Western medicine and mechanized Western style agriculture those megacities will die of plague and hunger. It will not happen overnight, as the collapse of the West will not happen overnight. Western Europe is already gone, though its ghost lingers on. In fifty years an aging and enervated European White population will be overtaken by North African immigrants, and science will wither and die. In fifty years the United States will consist of enclaves of minority Whites, too busy defending themselves to defend anyone else. The United States Army will not be fighting house to house in Calcutta. Does anyone think the ten million people of Karachi can exist on the subsistence farming of the surrounding countryside, or survive the plagues that overcrowding and starvation will bring without Western medicine and pharmaceuticals? It will shake itself out, as it always has. Malthus only has to be right once. The spasm will come, it will last a hundred years, but the Earth will finally settle down to 10th century levels of population and technology. The world will rebound, for the books will still be there for those curious enough to read them, but it will not look much like the one we have now.

A mass extinction is the way
That nature compensates
For those who simply can’t obey
The warnings of the Fates

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