The Race At A Glance

With Donald Trump’s smashing victory in Indiana and the suspension of the campaigns of Cruz and Kasich, Trump is now the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party, though many in the Republican hierarchy are very unhappy. In the meantime, Hillary Clinton, anointed by the Democrat establishment, cannot put away Bernie Sanders, a 74 year old Socialist who spent his honeymoon in the Soviet Union and proudly says he is not a Democrat. Hillary, in addition to being the most robotic and insincere candidate in recent memory, is waiting to hear from the FBI about the mafia-like machinations of the Clinton Foundation and her mishandling, either purposeful or accidental, of classified and top secret material that endangered the security of the United States. It seems a slam dunk she will be indicted and perhaps tried, but this is politics and you never know. In any event it would seem to guarantee an interesting if not exciting summer leading up to the conventions, where we might very well be astonished at the outcomes.

The gavel quiets down the hall
And speakers rise to speak
We tune it out, we’ve heard it all
Yet we will watch all week
Because a frisson of unknown
Will keep us glued to sets
In both conventions what is shown
Is as good as it gets
For when surprises are in style
Will Hillary be there
Or will she be in durance vile
And if so will you care
And as for Donald will the Pubs
Deny him what he won
And rig the vote so that the scrubs
Have their day in the sun
What happens when the pictures show
When all the votes are in
The smiling face of Rubio
And Biden’s goofy grin

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