A Khyber Pass

Pakistani papers recently were aflame with the story, attributed to secret documents revealed by Wikileaks, that the United States was colluding with India to commit genocide against Pakistani citizens in Kashmir. When the report was revealed to be a hoax, the Pakis instantly accused the West of conspiracy. But it was just a joke.



A joke played on the Paki?

How very, very tacky

For Pokkeeston’s so young, but just a stripling

Would you play a joke on Kim?

If you do, then sing a hymn

To that master of the Khyber, Rudyard Kipling

Or as Sherlock used to say

Rushing Watson to the shay

The game’s afoot, old fellow, let’s be off

Well that was then and this is now

And I say, if you’ll allow

They were better off when ruled by some Brit toff

They claim God himself did task it

Bid them build the biggest casket

Large enough to take all infidel to hell

If it works, don’t say it’s whacky

We will all be then in Paki

And be spilling into ‘Ganistan as well

I know Pakistan is nuclear

And while nothing could be spooklier

I can’t see them setting off some critical mass

I’m inclined to take for granted

They know Wikileaks was planted

And so I give the Paks a Khyber pass



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