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The Afters And Befores

The Pakistani government has recently confirmed that they were the target of an anthrax attack. Someone mailed anthrax spores to a major newspaper, much as anthrax spores were mailed to a US newspaper just days after 9/11, and the mailing in Pakistan was from a school, as were the anthrax attacks in the US to Congress and others just after 9/11 mailed from schools.  On top of that, all the anthrax came from a single laboratory strain. So what gives? Is there any connection, over ten years later, between the US anthrax attacks and the recent Pakistan one? Mysteries. What went before? And what came after?



Mysteries surround us

The anthrax and the spores

With questions that confound us

The afters and befores



Address Unknown

Pakistan has betrayed us for many years, taking our money and aiding the Taliban, taking our money and hiding bin Laden, professing undying loyalty while stabbing us in the back. All this is known to the State Department, yet they insist we must continue sending them money lest we lose influence with them.  I think we should send them the money, but to the wrong address, then the money would come back to us marked Address Unknown. I can just see the Pakistani Army chorus singing ‘Address Unknown’ by the Ink Spots (#1 on the charts week of 11 Nov 1939)



Address unknown, you asked where Osama abides

Address unknown, you ask where the Taliban hides

You were a fool to stay Afghanistan so long

You should have known there’d come a day when you’d be gone

Address unknown, oh how could you be so blind

Who’d think that you could think that we’d be so kind

As to be on your side with your arrogant pride

You may search never to find

Who has betrayed you

Address unknown



Our Pockeestahn Ally

Both the Pakistani government and Barak Obama insist Pakistan is a faithful ally of the United States. Why then does Pakistan knife us in the back every chance it gets?



The Pockee have the gift of gab

The Pockee have the knife to stab

The Pockee smile and take our dough

The Pockee say you cannot go

The Pockee say supply your men

The Pockee say we tell you when

The Pockee say you build your forts

The Pockee have us by the shorts


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The Nukes Are Safe

Amid the turmoil in the muslim world, amid the backstabbing and betrayals in Afghanistan and Pakistan, what must always be remembered is that Pakistan is a nuclear state, having stolen the technology from the West. These nuclear devices must never be allowed to fall into the hands of non-state actors like al Qaeda, which is the principal reason the United States maintains steadfastly that Pakistan is a loyal ally in the midst of an enormous amount of evidence that they are not. It is the nukes. Pakistan insists they are safe, with specially trained and loyal guards. But it is clear it is only a matter of time before al Qaeda or the Taliban get their hands on one or more of Pakistan’s nukes, and then we will be faced with an existential threat.



The nukes are safe

They’re in good hands

In bunkers built

On shifting sands

Al Qaeda knows

Just where they are

They’ve friends who’ll leave

The door ajar

And late some night

And very soon

Lighted dimly

By the moon

A band of men

Of bristled beard

Will do what we

Have always feared

Ah well we had

The warning signs

The whispered sighs

Amid the pines

That told of things

That might go boom

When we leave Paks

To guard that room



Paki Friends

Probably the most duplicitous, most untrustworthy ally of all historical time is Pakistan. They hide Osama bin Laden for five years then claim they didn’t know he was living in a big house in the Paki equivalent of West Point.  They are in league with the Taliban and al Qaeda, all the while insisting they are on our side. They recently orchestrated a fake raid on one of their own bases so they could turn over to the Chinese sophisticated equipment on some P-3 Orion anti-submarine planes we gave them, not to mention the helicopter stealth technology they got from the down chopper from the bin Laden raid and also no doubt turned over to the Chinese. Does anyone believe the Chinese gave 50 modern fighter planes to Pakistan for nothing? I didn’t think so. With friends like the Pakis, who needs enemies?



The Paki hand it doth extend

The smiling face declares a friend

But hidden dark behind the back

The knife, the symbol of the Pak

The hidden knife, the toothy grin

The blank eyes wonder who will win

They do not fear the US might

They know our anger will be slight

And so they play the double game

And take our money all the same


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The Three Stooges

The Pakis wonder how American helicopters could have evaded their sophisticated air defenses they spent so much money to buy.



A third world gook

Can buy a nuke

And plans and centrifuges

But otherwise

For smarts to rise

We’ll send them the Three Stooges


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Our Faithful Allies

Osama bin Laden was hiding in plain sight in Pakistan, in a mansion built for him by the Pakistani Intelligence Service, the ISI, about thirty miles north of the capital city of Islamabad, next to the Pakistan Military Academy, in a neighborhood populated by retired Pakistani military officers, this all the while the Pakistani government was vehemently denying they knew where he was, and were, moreover, actively looking for him. The question is, why now?  Why now have the Pakis given up a man they have hidden for so many years? Was there a quid pro quo? Did we finally make them an offer they couldn’t refuse? This story does not end with the death of Osama bin Laden.



Suggesting that the Paki

Are disloyal is so tacky

That it angers some to hear such claims be made

They have been our allies faithful

To deny it is disgraithful

And I’m here to see those lies to rest be laid

Yes they built for him a mansion

Ten foot walls and every stanchion

Built of concrete steel and bullet proofed to boot

They protected him and hid him

While the ISI did bid him

Do the dirty work while telling us that, shoot

They were looking for him also

Which we all knew well was false so

Just whose fault is it that he has lived this long

Yes good allies are the Paki

And bin Laden was their lackey

Why they turned him in will take another song


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A Khyber Pass

Pakistani papers recently were aflame with the story, attributed to secret documents revealed by Wikileaks, that the United States was colluding with India to commit genocide against Pakistani citizens in Kashmir. When the report was revealed to be a hoax, the Pakis instantly accused the West of conspiracy. But it was just a joke.



A joke played on the Paki?

How very, very tacky

For Pokkeeston’s so young, but just a stripling

Would you play a joke on Kim?

If you do, then sing a hymn

To that master of the Khyber, Rudyard Kipling

Or as Sherlock used to say

Rushing Watson to the shay

The game’s afoot, old fellow, let’s be off

Well that was then and this is now

And I say, if you’ll allow

They were better off when ruled by some Brit toff

They claim God himself did task it

Bid them build the biggest casket

Large enough to take all infidel to hell

If it works, don’t say it’s whacky

We will all be then in Paki

And be spilling into ‘Ganistan as well

I know Pakistan is nuclear

And while nothing could be spooklier

I can’t see them setting off some critical mass

I’m inclined to take for granted

They know Wikileaks was planted

And so I give the Paks a Khyber pass



My Goodness Me

The government of Pakistan, a Pakistan that created and controls the Taliban, is incensed that we are sending drones into Paki airspace to dispose of the Taliban we are lucky enough to find, all the while professing to be our friend and happily accepting our money. The Paki government has recently closed the route through Pakistan for our supply columns, and the columns have come under attack by Taliban forces, whom the Paki government insists are not in Pakistan. Our State Department and the UN and assorted EU weenies deplore the drone attacks as counter-productive and reckless, preferring the age old failed policy of talking nicely to someone who is trying to kill you.



My goodness me, I feel so faint

These cold war types would like to paint

The Pakistani folk as not our friends

Believe me when I say that I

Could sit right down and softly cry

When thinking how this crisis likely ends

We send our drones into their space

With no regard for Paki face

What sovereign nation wouldn’t take offense

Such actions on our part I fear

Will hinder peace that’s very near

And cause relations that grow very tense

What we at State would like to see

Is just a change of policy

From warring, bombing, killing and the rest

To talking calmly with the tribes

And taking note of nuanced vibes

While recognizing we at State know best

Of course there’s danger in this tack

We’re not assured they’ll love us back

But I am quite prepared to bet my life

But just in case push comes to shove

I know that I will come to love

The burqa and the veil I bought my wife




Amateurs Talk Tactics, Professionals Talk Logistics

The United States currently has about 49,000 troops in Afghanistan, with a projected 68,000 troops in theater by the end of the year. Nato has about another 32,000 troops in Afghanistan, mostly non-combat troops, or combat troops like the Germans whose government does not permit them to shoot unless first shot at. All these forces sit at the end of a vulnerable 1,200 mile long supply line from the port of Karachi, across Pakistan, through the Khyber Pass, and into Afghanistan, ending at Kabul or Kandahar. We have already lost a valuable air base in Kyrgyzstan, and we and Nato are examining other routes through Russia and elsewhere. But what happens if Pakistan implodes, what happens if the Taliban succeed in making the supply route untenable, what happens if these alternate routes do not become available? What happens if our army is cut off, relying on air re-supply like the Germans at Stalingrad?



I think we’ve seen this one before

Let me think now, just which war

Was ended when the guys on the high ground

Surrounded those encamped below

And pressed them till they hollered whoa

As guns up in the hills threw round ‘pon round

Of course it’s happened many times

In many years and many climes

That armies get cut off and then they die

But that won’t happen to our guys

Our civvie leaders are too wise

And we must never ask the reason why

We have secure lines of supply

Another reason I know why

Our guys are safe in far Pashtunistan

Our leaders simply would not dare

To leave our guys defenseless there

Adrift, surrounded in some foreign land

The Paki guys in ISI

Are operating on the sly

To see the Taliban and all that crew

Take Pakistan and all their nukes

They care not all for our rebukes

They’ll take the land and have Sharia too

And then they all will turn on us

Egged on by Chinese and the Russ

And then some big decisions will be made

Do we pull out and wash our hands

Or do we take out all the Stans

Whichever, there’s a price that must be paid

A price that’s paid in blood right now

Or later paid no matter how

Much spinning out the truth our leaders spin

To take Vienna we must be

Prepared to fight to victory

‘Cause once you start to fight you better win