In God We Trust

In a Republic, in a Democracy, the government rules by Trust. We the People vote into office people we trust to run the country on ethical lines, their actions restrained by the Constitution. Our fiat money is based entirely on trust in the government to maiantain the value of the currency, and that the full faith and credit of the United States has meaning. We trust the government to defend us, and we trust the IRS to tax us fairly and equally. We trust the government not to spy on us, not to create lists of those who disagree with it, and not to characterize those who disagree with it as enemies. The Obama administration has destroyed that trust, and has thus destroyed the only thing keeping us a country of laws and law abiders.

In God we trust, or so we say
It’s printed on our money
But have you noticed, by the way
That something sure seems funny
Our presidents once kept us free
Our interests were defended
But now we look around and see
Our enemies befriended
The trust we gave has turned to dust
To my old way of thinkin’
Obama’s thrown away that trust
He surely ain’t no Lincoln

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