A Stark Choice

Conservatives have a stark choice – vote for people you know will betray you or don’t vote at all and turn the country over to the raving, slathering, red-eyed wolves of the Left, who are determined to destroy the country in order to create their tooth, claw and gulag fevered vision of Utopia.

In deepest dark the red eyes gleam
Unblinking, fixed upon the prey
Who, sleeping, deep within the dream
Of law and justice and fair play
Are unaware of sharpened teeth
And bloody claws approaching near
Believing still they can bequeath
Democracy to those held dear
The wolves though differ in the view
That law and justice are for all
They know the law is for the few
Who listen to the thrilling call
Of lupus howling in the night
From snow packed woods and moonlit hill
The eyes full red and shining bright
While at their feet the dead lie still

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