And Then Tomorrow Comes

Man has tried to divine the future since the beginning of Man. Seers, shamans, medicine men and fraudsters of all shapes and sizes have claimed to know what is to come. Some claimed to know that Scott Walker would lose the recall election in Wisconsin. Others are confident they know what is going to happen to Western civilization in the next few decades. The truth is, of course, that no one knows what will happen tomorrow, let alone years from now. All you can do is make your bets and hope for the best.


The past is prologue, so they say

The present surely tense

The future more so, by the way

That’s why it makes more sense

To view the future as a place

Where prologues go to die

And where the present’s happy face

Leads one to wonder why

We ever thought we could divine

The happenings to come

To you and yours and me and mine

Especially to some

Like politics and world events

And who will win the Cup

And whose white horse will take us hence

To from the manna sup

The future is but closed to all

Behind the curtain hums

A sound as of a summer squall

And then tomorrow comes


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