A Long Running Show

A questioner at an Al Gore global warming rally attempted to question the great one about his assertion that the polar bears are in danger by pointing out that government surveys reveal there are more polar bears now than ever before. The great Al Gore looked at him pityingly. Facts mean nothing to the lyrically transported, the true believers. No matter that the famous hockey stick graph that showed imminent catastrophic global warming has been shown to be a fraud. No matter that it has been proven that the data used to support the assertion that the earth was warming was cherry picked, with most of the discarded data showing the earth had not warmed in a thousand years. Facts do not matter; global warming must be true because Al Gore got a Nobel Prize for revealing it. Never mind the entire purpose of the global warming scam is to destroy the economy of the United States, reducing us to just another country, like Argentina or Zimbabwe. But it’s all right. The country’s being run by people who think the world would be better off without people, especially white people. And they may be right. We’ve been hanging around here much too long.



Let’s all give thanks to good Al Gore

Though God knows I don’t know what for

He’s been a malign force for decades now

He got us in this warming stew

He engineered Kyoto too

And for it all he took a Nobel bow

We’ve crazy folks who scream in pain

That warming temperatures will gain

And cause the earth to turn to dusty motes

Where every living thing will die

And even liberals will fry

Collapsing with Bushhitler in their throats

The seas will rise upon the land

And drown our cities out of hand

With hurricane force winds thrown in to boot

How can they know which scene to pick

Why it is on the hockey stick

Which must be true because it looks so cute

So close the factories and jobs

Don’t mind the unemployment mobs

It’s all for goddess Gaea don’t you know

We do believe that humankind

Will die but then we do not mind

For haven’t we all had a long run show