Count ‘Em, Even If They Aren’t There

The 2010 Census is upon us, and the Department of Commerce has assured us that the census count will be fair and unpoliticized, and many cite as proof the removal of Acorn from the list of organizations on tap to do the counting. Verse-afire is unconvinced, having seen a partial list of the remaining leftist and radical leftist organizations with their sticky fingers in the census pie. Can we count on the guys in the following list to count fairly?


AARP; A. Phillip Randolph Institute; AFL-CIO; American Federation of Government Employees; AFSCME; American Federation of Teachers; Coalition of Labor Union Women; Coalition of Black Trade Unionists; Community Action Partnership; Families USA; International Brotherhood of Teamsters; Labor Council for Latin American Advancement; League of Women Voters of the United States; National Black Justice Coalition; National Council of La Raza; National Education Association; Pride at Work; Rainbow Coalition; Service Employees International Union (SEIU); Southern Coalition for Social Justice; United Workers; Workforce Alliance.


We have been assured the Congressional Black Caucus will not insist that additional millions of black people be counted by estimation, even though to do so will ensure Democrat majorities for all time.  And does anyone really think Acorn will be among the missing? C’mon, get real. President Obama has said he and Rahm Emmanuel will watch carefully to see the census count is fair. My only question is, qui custodiat ipsos custodes?



The President has said he wants ‘em counted

That each and every vote is sacred stuff

He’s ordered up an operation mounted

To count the votes until he has enough

To make damn sure the Donkeys are elected

In each and every district in the land

And candidates of GOP rejected

And critics of his acts can go pound sand

We know that Rahm and O will do the counting

Regardless of assurances they’ve made

The estimates of black votes will be mounting

Because that’s how the counters will get paid

The object of the count is to apportion

The House and all its Representatives

The Dems believe in tight’ning up the torsion

Until eventually the system gives

They understand if they control the census

Then they can count the districts as they please

After which they need not mend the fences

Because there will be no more GOPs