A Man Called Murphy

We are all aware who Murphy is. He’s the guy who famously said that whatever can go wrong, will. And so we have living proof of that dictum in the Obama administration, and in particular in the person of Mr. Obama himself. The only question is, does Mr. Obama deliberately have things go wrong as part of his evil plan to destroy the United States as his mother and father desired, or is he just a klutz, an incompetent, one of the unluckly people for whom everything goes wrong. We don’t yet know the answer to that, but I have my suspicions.

I spoke to Murphy man to man, ‘twas just the other day
He said when something can go wrong it will
He said look back in hist’ry and you’ll see that what I say
Was right in ancient times and righter still
When Caesar crossed the Rubicon, when Henry married Anne
When Bonaparte left Moscow in the snow
Stuff going wrong is here to stay and here since time began
And will not stop til judgment trumpets blow
What makes you think Obama’s the exception to the rule
When things go wrong it’s not the poor man’s fault
He tries so hard to do things right and then’s kept after school
But wrong stuff happens and will never halt
I thanked him for his insight and we said our fond goodbyes
But doubts and worries deep inside me grew
Obama’s wrong so often that it can’t be a surprise
That Murphy seems to stick to him like glue

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