The Future And The Past

The Left, George Orwell and our own experience tells us, always rewrites the past when it assumes power, the better to control the present and the future. The Soviet Union was very good at rewriting the past, but so are our homegrown leftists. School children have been taught for decades that the United States stole the land from the Indians, that the United States deliberately enticed the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor so that we could rule the world, that Columbus was a criminal slaver and that the New World was a paradise until the White man arrived and killed and enslaved everybody. This leftwing indoctrination of our school children has been effective, and it won’t be long before everyone in the United States believes the United States is completely evil. But be of good cheer. Efforts to permanently change the past have always unraveled, and so will this effort. The future might be full of dread, but the past is here to stay.

The Past is gone, the story dead, is what the leftists claim
The future many leftwing dreams away
The future holds its own stark dread, the leftists dare not name
But be of cheer, the past is here to stay

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