Is There A Witch Doctor In The House?

The Malaysian government, leaving no stone unturned in its search for the missing Boeing 777, engaged a local witch doctor to help, enraging that Muslim country’s Imams who demanded the native witch doctors be suppressed. The Imams may try to get rid of the witch doctors, but the people were promised that if they liked their witch doctor they could keep him, and we all know a promise made is a promise kept. And did not Obama respond to charges he lied when he said you could keep your doctor by saying, “Yes, but I didn’t say WHICH doctor.”

Dismissing ancient customs with a sneer, a smirk and shrug
Denotes a mind that’s permanently closed
For shaking rattles just might be a feature not a bug
And more effective than had been supposed
For who can say the spell the doctor cast in ancient rite
Was not the means they found the debris where
The good doctor’s wild chanting sent the Chinese satellite
To just the right grid and the right search square
Alas the satellite saw wrong or saw the wrong debris
It seems that what it saw was not the plane
But witch’s spells reach far and long and so we’ll wait and see
For many vast, deep oceans still remain

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