Mameluke Days

Obama believes it is immoral to hold prisoners of war in a five star hotel in Guantanamo, so he kills them instead. This is all to the good, though it deprives us of essential intelligence. Nonetheless, one can only applaud the strategy of the only good Muslim is a dead Muslim, and if Loretta Lynch wants to prosecute me for saying so then so be it.

The war that began when the fierce Muslim hordes
Swept out of the desert with red bloody swords
Then crossed into Spain and were checked by the French
And ever since then we have lived with the stench
Of Islamic terror and war to the knife
For Islam the duty to give up one’s life
For Allah and Islam is bred in the bones
For after the slaughter the martyr atones
And lives with his virgins in idyllic space
Both warmed by the love of the Prophet’s soft grace
The Muslim has killed us and held us at war
For many a year, fourteen hundred or more
They dream of the day of the white Mameluke
The dream will now end with a Mecca bound nuke

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