A Poplar Girl

Panpsychism is the theory, held by many quantum physicists, that all matter, from electrons and rocks to sequoias, have, like mammals and all other living things, a conscious inner life, though they concede the inner life of an electron is likely to be fairly subtle. To test this theory I spoke to the leafy and lovely poplar tree in my back yard. She said her name was Lily O’Dendron.

So nice of you to ask, she said
I seldom get to talk
Though many words run through my head
As birds sit here and squawk
I hate the silly stupid things
Their talk is so mundane
They foul my leaves and flap their wings
Thank goodness for the rain
The rocks though, by your garden path
So serious, profound
Prolithic talk with the bird bath
Who always stands his ground
I listen mostly to the fence
Whose pickets always fight
It never seems to make much sense
But lasts most of the night
I said, but what of all the trees
Just outside my backyard
She said they’d given her the freeze
And make her life so hard
They’re manly oaks, and snooty too
I’m poplar and a girl
And now I must say toodle-oo
Here comes my favorite squirrel
We talk at length of mice and fear
And why the stars were made
He’s told me why it is I’m here
To give the squirrels some shade
But I believe come late at night
We’re meant for better things
The world and universe set right
When poplars become kings

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