The Trumpeter Swan is a magnificent bird, regal, conscious of his beauty and competence. Trumpeter Swans are not looked upon with favor by lesser avians. I talked to one of these lesser avians recently, a writer for the New York Times, and he said,

I do not like the way he talks
I do not like the way he walks
I do not like the way he stalks
Small creatures like us owls
He quiet sits upon the pond
Planning how we can be conned
Believing that his magic wand
Will cure all that befouls
The world and that he can surmount
All wrongs with twitter his account
His wisdom the most sacred fount
And not the New York Times
The Trumpeter, so swanlike he
Will take us down the road, you’ll see
To fascism and likely be
Convicted for his crimes
With that he sobbed and shook his head
And through his tears he softly said
On yonder pond he sits like Dread
Intent upon his dream
Of changing all the Left has done
To make the country only one
Of many and not like the Hun
So mad that I could scream

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