The Left comes bearing gifts of poverty, disease and death, and the people, refusing to heed the warnings, have wheeled the wooden horse inside the gates. Adam and Eve rejected the Garden of Eden, and the very real paradise of modern Western civilization has been rejected by the people of the West in favor of the Leftist gifts of poverty, disease and early death, only to find, belatedly, that the gift horse was filled with snakes.

The Left it seems just loves to take
The road that leads nowhere
But to the crumbled worn out bridge
That simply will not bear
The burdens of the Leftist state
Piled on the working class
While cronies of the ruling Left
All seem to get a pass
The Left loves people who are poor
And easier to please
They herd them into ghetto camps
A Leftist run disease
The system works well for the Left
For poverty and crime
Results in votes for Lefty pols
Cashed at election time
The herded votes of third world folk
Are bought with stolen cash
From working folk who pay the tax
That fattens Leftist’s stash
The Eden that we thought we had
In which we all had stakes
Was stolen by the Left and now
Has died from bites by snakes

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