A Simple Word Like ‘He’

Princeton University has just banned the use of the word ‘man’. Our schools and colleges are now, and have been for some time, re-education camps where the minds of students are reprogrammed to accept as truth the feminist, anti-white and anti-American propaganda they are constantly fed. The American left has succeeded in capturing the public school and university systems in the United States. By the time of graduation from college, everyone exposed to the public education system has undergone a mind-transfer. The student is told by the leftist teachers and professors that everything he thinks he knows about the United States is wrong, that the United States is evil beyond redemption, and must be destroyed, beginning with the white race that is responsible for the victimization of all people of color. College students know nothing of American or Western history beyond the leftist propaganda they have been relentlessly exposed to. Even if Donald Trump wins the 2016 election, the American Constitutional Republic is lost for generations, possibly forever. The Left has succeeded in convincing entire generations of school children and college students that they are victims of white oppression, and that conviction is not going to change any time soon.

A simple word like ‘he’
At one time used to be
In context an all-purpose gender word
It could mean ‘he’ or ‘she”
As everyone could see
But seeing it as hate speech is absurd
The feminists have won
Next no more ‘daughter’, ‘son’
And ‘fireman’ or ‘actress’ is no more
And seeing this success
You do not need to guess
That other groups will even up the score
Black students want safe space
But only for their race
And chant and muscle whites and then demand
That courses be relaxed
And failing grades be axed
And all white privilege forever banned
The language has been changed
The culture rearranged
Class hatred for the Other now the case
Know nothings now leave school
Content with leftist rule
And knowing nothing take their honored place
In academe and law
With hatred red and raw
For everything the country’s fought and bled
With children in their sway
And grandkids just like they
The old Republic now is truly dead

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