Coughing It Up

Hillary collapsed with pneumonia over the weekend, and her campaign is in crisis. The Dems are preparing for the worst, and are readying a replacement for her on the ballot. But even should she recover and return to the campaign, now they have the perfect excuse to take her off the ballot if she falls so far behind in the polls that defeat is inevitable. Will the Dems take her out by claiming ill health and install someone else, perhaps Joe Biden or Barack Obama? With Hillary out as queen, we have a clue. What rhymes with Regina? Vagina.

We won’t know much for some few weeks
At first debate we’ll see who peaks
For now the Hill is sliding down
The polls and by then may well drown
If Trump pulls out in front to stay
The Dems will cry alack, alay
And say she’s sick and needs some rest
And so we think it’s for the best
To take from her this heavy cup
Before the lady coughs it up
To relieve her of the campaign stress
And even she must now confess
Her health will not permit her to
Continue, so here’s what we’ll do
We have decided to replace
Her on the ballot and the base
Has indicated they prefer
Someone who looks and thinks like her
We offer now a man serene
Barack Obama for your queen

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