October Surprise

There are signs that the October surprise may come early this year, and this time the target will be the Democrat, Hillary Clinton. Whispers of additional hacked emails to come, whispers of FBI investigations into the criminal activities of the Clinton Foundation, all portend a very interesting post Labor Day political season. In addition, questions of Hillary’s health keep surfacing, even in the mainstream press that makes every effort to support and protect her. One must ask, why is the media running stories about her health if not preparing for the eventual dumping of Hillary if the new hacked emails are mortally damaging? What will the media do with the story of Hillary’s collapse and faint at the 9-11 memorial service? What if the new emails reveal the connection between Hillary and the selling of the State Department to the benefit of the Clinton Foundation? What if the result of that revelation is a Hillary collapse in the polls? Will the Democrats abandon a losing candidate and insert another? You will recall they did this in a New Jersey Senate race some years ago, against all the legal restrictions of the New Jersey election laws, and got away with it, rescuing a lost Senate seat. If Hillary plummets in the polls to the point of being perceived as a certain loser on November 8, I predict the Democrats will use her health as an excuse to parachute someone in to take her place on the ticket. Interesting times are coming.

October is the time of year when days are crisp and cool
And football takes the place of the now shuttered swimming pool
And thoughts of apple cider and a fire on cool nights
And thoughts that very soon you’ll need those strings of Christmas lights
But every fourth and even numbered year there come the cries
Declaring this October there will come a big surprise
A statement by a candidate made thirty years ago
Perhaps a DUI for driving drunk and much too slow
This year’s surprise will shock us all deep to the very core
And our belief in government be shattered evermore
But chances are the big surprise is fizzled for no gain
And on election day all’s well except for drizzled rain

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