The Smooth Glide To The Third World

Political parties are not only composed of people with similar ideology, but also include people who just do not like the people in the other party. Identity politics will prevail, and if Blacks remain the solid base of the Democratic Party, then Hispanics, who will be fighting Blacks for the same slice of pie, will gravitate to the opposite party, regardless of the internal ideology of that party. Demography is destiny, and by the time European whites are in the absolute minority in their own country, the fight between Blacks and Hispanics will not only be for a slice of the pie but for absolute power, for both groups are essentially undemocratic. The transition of the United States into a third world thugocracy will not be pretty. I have strongly urged my grandsons to buy guns and learn to use them, because they are going to need them.

The Dems believe illegal immigration
From Third World countries means that they will rule
Forever in what was a First World nation
Not understanding that life is a duel
For jobs and perks and slices of the small pie
That sits there for a few of Third World folk
That people’d rather fight than see their kids die
From sheer despair at bearing the Dem yoke
Hostility ‘tween blacks and browns occurring
With violence that runs the streets blood red
With bloody minded racist leaders stirring
The mob into a rage that counts the dead
The whites retreat to safer, saner places
With fences and guard towers manned with guns
As all about them rage contorted faces
Kill each other’s laughing baby sons

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