A Sternly Worded Ultimatum

After Iran admitted to the UN atomic energy lapdogs that they had indeed been building and using a second secret nuclear enrichment plant, President Obama jumped in and said he had known about it for months, and issued an ultimatum to the mullahs. He said, “Iran’s leaders must now choose – they can live up to their responsibilities and achieve integration with the community of nations, or they will face increased pressure and isolation, and deny opportunity to their own people.” What can we make of this sternly worded ultimatum? The mullahs have already demonstrated they have no interest in achieving integration with the community of nations, have no fear of increased pressure or isolation, and smile at the idea that they might care about denying opportunity to their own people. The president of the United States has in effect given Iran the green light to proceed unimpeded with development of nuclear weapons with which to obliterate Israel and command the Middle East.



We thank you, Barack

For taking us back

To the great days of Carter of Plains

A man now reviled

As the man who once dialed

Back a full half a century of gains

There are those who believe

That it’s righteous to grieve

For the days of inflation malaise

Which you will soon again

Bring to your countrymen

And which I am the first one to praise

In addition to which

I approve of your switch

From our allies to friends with our foes

Both the Poles and the Czechs

Must do as Putin becks

And Israelis their settlements must close

I most heart’ly applaud

Your near trip abroad

To the UN where Iran was told

That if they persist

In their nukes we’ll insist

That the next time they do it we’ll scold

That’s the way to be firm

Just your tone makes them squirm

Like Jimmy when fighting the rabbit

You’re a lot like James Earl

You fight like a girl

And when seeing a friend near you stab it