A Weaker Horse

President Obama, against strong advice from his military commanders on the ground, has released five Iranian members of the Revolutionary Guards Qods Force who were captured in Iraq and held by the US military. The Qods Force was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of US soldiers and marines by training and supplying al Qaeda fighters with weapons, including roadside bombs. This comes on the heels of the release by Obama of Laith Qazali and the Irbil Five, who, dressed in American uniforms, ambushed and killed five American soldiers and captured four, murdering the captives when about to be caught. See my post of 25 June, If This Be Treason. I am getting quite nervous about our president. Economies recover, depressions end, but if the President of the United States is on the other side, we’re in big trouble. Of course, there will be those Obama apologists who will patiently explain to those of us who dare question, that Obama’s release of killers of American soldiers is in the best interests of the United States. Yeah, right.   



Some will say now what the hey

Releasing these five Qods

Will just be seen to only mean

Obama’s brand new buds

In Teheran will surely plan

To be more kindly for

A week or two and then, who knew

Will show our prez the door

We’re now of course the weaker horse

For crawling on our knees

And begging odd Madinejad

To be nice pretty please

And stop the dance and if by chance

You need something from us

We’ll gladly send Israeli friend

Under the Persian bus



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