The Ankle Biters

The Muslim ants are biting the ankles of the Western elephant. In the sixteenth century the European countries bordering the Mediterranean were in abject fear of the Ottoman Muslims, who raided their coastal cities and sold the inhabitants into slavery. But one man changed all that in one afternoon. Don Juan of Austria disobeyed his King’s instructions to not risk the Spanish fleet and led his ships to the Ottoman anchorage of Lepanto and defeated a superior Ottoman fleet. The battle of Lepanto was a hinge of history, the beginning of European dominance and the beginning of the long Muslim slide down the smooth highway to irrelevance. The time will come when a modern Don Juan will disobey the orders of his collective sovereigns and put a dramatic and catastrophic end to what is, on its face, a nuisance, allowed to live only on the sufferance of our current leaders and collective western mood. But in the end, the elephant allows the ants to bite his ankles only for so long until he absentmindedly stomps on them.

Ankle biter
Freedom fighter
Call him what you will
Sooner later
There’s a crater
Where there was a hill

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