Colors Of The Day

When you love someone, the day is full of brilliantly gorgeous colors, so vivid they would make the rainbows blush and cry with envy.

The dawning streaks the night sky palest rose
With golden splashes of an amber hue
And in a moment dawn will sudden close
And tell me that the morning loves you too
The rising sun climbs swiftly in the sky
And lights the world with gilded rays anew
So beautiful and glorious that I
Know that the golden noontime loves you too
As sunset draws the purpled curtain low
And rose-gold sky turns dusk from shimmered blue
The brilliant bursting sunset colors glow
And evening says goodnight to loves like you
And as the daytime colors gently close
My thoughts and dreams are always, dear, of you
And watch the sky turn black from amber-rose
And know with all my heart I love you too

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