Social Justice Warrior

I spoke to a Social Justice Warrior recently, and she grew indignant when I suggested that perhaps she was a bit intemperate in her choice of words. She heatedly denied being intemperate, saying she was only telling the truth and if I didn’t like it I could shove it.

I am an SJW
My politics will trouble you
For I believe that all of you should die
Diseases of a loathsome sort
Death sentence by an SJ court
I care not which it is and that’s no lie
Your breathing does pollute the air
Your living shows that life’s not fair
And if I had my way I’d kill you all
You white men with your hateful ways
You spend your nights and spend your days
Deciding how the rest of us shall fall
Well let me tell you you fat pigs
You’re living high in your plush digs
But we are coming and you will get yours
We’ll slit you up and slit you down
And hang you with a paper crown
And laugh as you crawl bloody on all fours
Oh yes you dog meat white trash scum
We’ll show you where we’re coming from
You’ve tortured and enslaved us long enough
When you are dead then we’ll be free
And after that then you will see
That SJ Warriors are fair but tough

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