Amateurs Talk Tactics, Professionals Talk Logistics

The United States currently has about 49,000 troops in Afghanistan, with a projected 68,000 troops in theater by the end of the year. Nato has about another 32,000 troops in Afghanistan, mostly non-combat troops, or combat troops like the Germans whose government does not permit them to shoot unless first shot at. All these forces sit at the end of a vulnerable 1,200 mile long supply line from the port of Karachi, across Pakistan, through the Khyber Pass, and into Afghanistan, ending at Kabul or Kandahar. We have already lost a valuable air base in Kyrgyzstan, and we and Nato are examining other routes through Russia and elsewhere. But what happens if Pakistan implodes, what happens if the Taliban succeed in making the supply route untenable, what happens if these alternate routes do not become available? What happens if our army is cut off, relying on air re-supply like the Germans at Stalingrad?



I think we’ve seen this one before

Let me think now, just which war

Was ended when the guys on the high ground

Surrounded those encamped below

And pressed them till they hollered whoa

As guns up in the hills threw round ‘pon round

Of course it’s happened many times

In many years and many climes

That armies get cut off and then they die

But that won’t happen to our guys

Our civvie leaders are too wise

And we must never ask the reason why

We have secure lines of supply

Another reason I know why

Our guys are safe in far Pashtunistan

Our leaders simply would not dare

To leave our guys defenseless there

Adrift, surrounded in some foreign land

The Paki guys in ISI

Are operating on the sly

To see the Taliban and all that crew

Take Pakistan and all their nukes

They care not all for our rebukes

They’ll take the land and have Sharia too

And then they all will turn on us

Egged on by Chinese and the Russ

And then some big decisions will be made

Do we pull out and wash our hands

Or do we take out all the Stans

Whichever, there’s a price that must be paid

A price that’s paid in blood right now

Or later paid no matter how

Much spinning out the truth our leaders spin

To take Vienna we must be

Prepared to fight to victory

‘Cause once you start to fight you better win



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