Down The Loo

Monday, the first of June, 2009, is a date that very well might be remembered for some time, for it is the date the United States ceased being a capitalist economy. The forced bankruptcy of Chrysler by the Federal government and the threats to Chrysler bondholders were the start, but the forced GM bankruptcy under terms favorable to the United Auto Workers union is far more troubling. The Federal government, under the leadership of President Barack Obama, has moved the country down the road to socialism, and not by just a little bit. The Federal government now owns 60% of General Motors, having bought the company with taxpayer money, in the process giving the United Auto Workers everything they wanted, everything they ever dreamed of getting. The UAW now owns 7.5% of whatever is left of GM, 800,000 retired UAW workers will continue to have all their health care and pension costs paid for, and the Obama administration has agreed to ban the sale in the US of all foreign cars not made in the United States. The man President Obama placed in charge of overseeing the GM bankruptcy is a 31 year old who has never held a job in the private sector, knows nothing about automobiles or finance, but who has the only qualification necessary – he’s a left wing Democrat activist, having worked previously for George Soros. Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan nutcase, has said the next book he’s going to give Obama is Lenin’s What Is To Be Done. That will make two copies in the Obama family library.



How do I love thee, let me count the ways,

Are the opening words of Liz to her sweet love

But How did I lose thee, after just one hundred days

Are words we cry beseeching God above

To turn the glass, reverse the sand

Don’t let the country slide to the abyss

Give us the strength to make a stand

And save us from Obama’s deadly kiss

Who are they who gave us such

A radical as ever wore the cloak

Of hope and change who promised oh so much

And turned around to be the cruelest joke

The laugh’s on us who thought that we

Were safe from all those leftist twists and turns

We thought that there could never be

A day we’d sit and watch as country burns

One hundred days is all it took

To nationalize the banks and autos too

The plan, my friends, is quite an open book

He plans to flush the country down the loo



2 thoughts on “Down The Loo

  1. SDE

    This is your best one!! I hope someday we can look back at all this and say it turned out ok – but i wonder.

  2. Calah Frazier

    Pop –
    I have enjoyed reading your blog. The last line “That will make two copies in the Obama family library.” , I laughed really hard.
    Love you bunches

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