An Historic Deal

A framework deal has been announced between the murderous mullahs of Iran and the United States of Obama, allowing the Iranians to proceed apace with the ordained destruction of Israel. The president proudly says that if Iran cheats and gets the bomb the world will know it. Of course it will, especially those downwind of the fallout.

Does anyone think O will grieve
When nukes make ash of Tel Aviv
When morning sees the rising sun
Light up the corpses while The One
Is busy putting on his pants
And hearing of it says, “By chance,
I have a date, three guys and me
To play some golf at Burning Tree.
Immediate on my return
I’ll ascertain what I can learn
About the incident to date
That led to this deserv-ed fate.”
Does anyone think O will choose
To blame it on the hateful Jews
Of course he will, that is the plan
And why he’s loved throughout Iran

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