Red Diaper Baby

The median IQ is 100, which means that one half the population is below the median, and it was this lower half of the food chain that elected and re-elected a Muslim Communist to be president of the United States. The following song, Red Diaper Baby, is sung to the tune of that old time Country favorite, Red River Valley.

He was born as a Red Diaper baby
He was raised with a Red point of view
It was hoped that the lad one day maybe
Would destroy the old red, white and blue
As a Muslim his viewpoint was steady
He was ignorant, savage and vain
Like his parents were, stupid and petty
Early on his life’s pathway was lain
A good Christian for years he pretended
In Chicago he listened to Wright
All the while he knew what he intended
When the time came he’d turn out the light
He was taught as a Muslim to hate us
He was taught to hate Christians and Jews
He had lists of the harms that await us
Should he rise from the back of the pews
And take charge of the country and lead us
Down the path of destruction and woe
He would hurt us and harm us and bleed us
Until over the cliff we would go
He was born as a Red Diaper baby
With the hopes of his parents he rose
But with luck we’ll survive him, just maybe
And we’ll see if in two years he goes

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