An Outgoing Tide

Rasmussen says 55% of Americans oppose President Obama’s health care plan, so Obama has given us a full day’s full court press on five Sunday talks shows; ABC’s This Week, CBS’s Face the Nation, NBC’s Meet the Press, CNN’s State of the Nation, and Univision’s Al Punto with Jorge Ramos. Notably absent from the list is Fox News Sunday, which the White House excluded because they say the people who watch Fox News are racist bigots, and Al Jazeera because the people who watch Al Jazeera are with them anyway. Why the full court press? Why the urgency? Because Obama knows the tide is running out, both on his socialist healthcare plan and on his presidency as more and more people come to see what he is, and they don’t like what they see. In any event, there will be vast numbers who don’t tune in because they’ve heard it all several hundred times, and hearing it one more time will not change the smell of rotten fish. Of course, there may be those who watch because they think the show is about something else.



A man I know sat glued to set

He missed his Sunday dinner

When asked he said he liked to get

On the side of the winner

He said he was a football fan

And never missed a season

He cared not if they threw or ran

‘Twas winning that was pleasin’

He said he loved his favorite team

His favorite color crimson

He said that winning made him beam

But losing, it was grim son

So that was why he sat all day

A-thinking Alabama

And found that he’d mis-heard them say

It was all day all Obama