Quick Henry, The Flit!

Obama is the mad scientist creating a monster, inventing laws and rules that apply only to him and his crazed desire to fundamentally change the best country that ever graced the planet. And he is succeeding, leading some to contemplate inventions of our own, designed to rid the country of his presence. But that invention has been around for many years. It is called a Flit gun, a harmless device for ridding the house of vermin.

Obama is the mother of invention
He’s thinned us down in line with his intention
The military’s hollowed to a fraction
Of prior size to lefties satisfaction
The debt has grown in size that’s exponential
And still Obama’s not reached his potential
For damage lasting many generations
And placing us with other losing nations
Some say when he is gone we’ll get well quickly
While others voice their doubts in terms quite prickly
Some say that he’ll be gone and thus forgotten
Except the smell he’ll leave of something rotten

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