And The Temples Of His Gods

Horatius, by Thomas Babington, Lord Macaulay


The following is a snippet from the great classic.


Then out spake brave Horatius

The Captain of the Gate:

“To every man upon this Earth

Death cometh soon or late.

And how can man die better

Than facing fearful odds,

For the ashes of his fathers

And the temples of his gods.”


Schoolboys have been reading of brave Horatius at the bridge for over two thousand years. Why has this long ago tale of a Roman soldier holding off the Etruscan host so compelling? I believe it is because it is a tale of honor, of bravery, of a warrior’s determination to fight for his country, his culture, his religion, his wife and children, to the death if need be. We are facing such a challenge today in militant Islam, on the rise once more, at war to the death with the once Christian west, a thousand year war that did not end at the gates of Vienna or at Lepanto. Do we have such a man, a Horatius, to stand at the bridge and deny the Muslims their victory over us, a victory that would reduce us to slaves? Will we see Muslim savagery for what it is, or will we insist Islam is a religion of peace, despite all evidence to the contrary? Will we stand and fight before a city dies from a Muslim nuke? Multiculturalism and political correctness have nearly destroyed the will of the West to resist, but resist we must, or we will surely lose all, including the ashes of our fathers and the temples of our gods.



For the ashes of his fathers

And the temples of his gods

Brave men will fight the fiercest foe

Despite the gravest odds

Today the foe amidst us

Walks upright and in the light

He fears naught but his holy book

That tells him he is right

To kill the infidel at hand

By any means possessed

He smiles the smile of conquest while

His victims are obsessed

With mortal things and mortal thoughts

Of living the good life

Avoiding confrontation and

Avoiding parlous strife

But come the day the masks fall off

Of Islam’s murderous face

And by its acts of savagery

Ignites the Christian race

Then only then will Christian men

Unite to stem the tide

And Islam’s terror gangsters will

Then have no place to hide

A burnt out western city will

Return a thousand fold

And western man the warrior

Will hark back to days of old

And will savage the black Muslims

Put them all beneath the sod

With the ashes of their fathers

And the temples of their god