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Christmas, 2009 AD

Well, Christmas is almost over for another year, and I was struck, as I have been for many years now, with how far we have come in de-linking Christmas with the birth of Christ. Kids don’t sing Christmas carols in school anymore lest someone be offended at the display of Christianity. There are no more Christmas pageants in our nation’s public schools, with little kids dressed as angels. No, all that is gone, and good riddance say he multi-culturalists. Gone and replaced with Winterfest, or Winter Festival, as if we were all a bunch of Druids. Merry Christmas has been replaced with Happy Holidays, and Christmas cards hardly mention the name of Christ. Then again, maybe we are all Druids now.      



Happy holidays! The children cry

As Winterfest begins

They’re off from school but don’t know why

Their faces shiny grins

They know snowmen and Santa Claus

And elves and presents too

They know of wide nutcracker jaws

And snowy landscape view

But they don’t know what it all meant

At least not many do

They think it’s all about the gent

Who with his reindeer flew

They’ve not been told of Jesus’ birth

To do so would offend

They’ve not been told He came to Earth

His mission to attend

Born this day so long ago

Two thousand years and more

In a dry land that saw no snow

A babe men did adore

He’s Christ the King men did avow

Sent to us by His father

And if he looked around Him now

He’d say Why did I bother?




From A Boxcar Door

Boxcar Willie sang about railroads mostly, one of which, From A Boxcar Door, is a paean to America. I too see the world through a boxcar door, and I don’t like what I see. Political correctness and multiculturalism sapping our will; a political establishment unheeding of the dangers of militant Islam. I have the feeling the world is like a railroad freight yard, and we a runaway boxcar, careening down the tracks, switching madly from track to track, but always moving remorselessly towards the high iron and the deep, black river, unheeding of the warning signs BRIDGE OUT!



I see the world around me flashing

Careening past and faster than before

I see the smiling faces

Not knowing they’ll soon hear the missiles roar

I see the children playing

Not knowing if they’re rich or if they’re poor

I see it all

I see the fall

From a boxcar door

I see Obama sleeping

A’dreaming of a world that he would cure

I see the man’s advisors

Not knowing anything but still damn sure

I see the nukes a’moving

I see what Islam crazies have in store

I see it all

I see the fall

From a boxcar door

I see the rails a’burning

I see the switches in a light so pure

I see the high iron coming

I see the river and the distant shore

I see the world around me glowing

I see the silver missiles start to soar

I see it all

I see the fall

From a boxcar door



And The Temples Of His Gods

Horatius, by Thomas Babington, Lord Macaulay


The following is a snippet from the great classic.


Then out spake brave Horatius

The Captain of the Gate:

“To every man upon this Earth

Death cometh soon or late.

And how can man die better

Than facing fearful odds,

For the ashes of his fathers

And the temples of his gods.”


Schoolboys have been reading of brave Horatius at the bridge for over two thousand years. Why has this long ago tale of a Roman soldier holding off the Etruscan host so compelling? I believe it is because it is a tale of honor, of bravery, of a warrior’s determination to fight for his country, his culture, his religion, his wife and children, to the death if need be. We are facing such a challenge today in militant Islam, on the rise once more, at war to the death with the once Christian west, a thousand year war that did not end at the gates of Vienna or at Lepanto. Do we have such a man, a Horatius, to stand at the bridge and deny the Muslims their victory over us, a victory that would reduce us to slaves? Will we see Muslim savagery for what it is, or will we insist Islam is a religion of peace, despite all evidence to the contrary? Will we stand and fight before a city dies from a Muslim nuke? Multiculturalism and political correctness have nearly destroyed the will of the West to resist, but resist we must, or we will surely lose all, including the ashes of our fathers and the temples of our gods.



For the ashes of his fathers

And the temples of his gods

Brave men will fight the fiercest foe

Despite the gravest odds

Today the foe amidst us

Walks upright and in the light

He fears naught but his holy book

That tells him he is right

To kill the infidel at hand

By any means possessed

He smiles the smile of conquest while

His victims are obsessed

With mortal things and mortal thoughts

Of living the good life

Avoiding confrontation and

Avoiding parlous strife

But come the day the masks fall off

Of Islam’s murderous face

And by its acts of savagery

Ignites the Christian race

Then only then will Christian men

Unite to stem the tide

And Islam’s terror gangsters will

Then have no place to hide

A burnt out western city will

Return a thousand fold

And western man the warrior

Will hark back to days of old

And will savage the black Muslims

Put them all beneath the sod

With the ashes of their fathers

And the temples of their god