And The World Turned Upside Down

When Lord Cornwallis surrendered to General Washington, and as the redcoats stacked their muskets after the battle of Yorktown in 1781, tradition has it the British Army band played a ballad called And The World Turned Upside Down. Yesterday, with the Trump victory over the established order, the American political landscape has been turned upside down. The entirety of the Western world is turning upside down politically as we watch, fascinated. First Brexit and now Trump, and soon the creaky progressive Leftist Western European Blue Model European Union is dissolving as the Left elites watch helplessly. And it truly is the world that is turning upside down, for the West is still the leader in science and technology, and without the supine Left allowing that science and technology to be turned against us by people who could not, by their unaided efforts, pour a concrete patio. The people of the United States and Britain have voted for Nationalism, and Germany and France are soon to follow. How long will it be before the velvet glove again covers an iron fist.

The world is turning upside down
Long nightmare at an end
The people want a king and crown
Not everybody’s friend
Who says the borders do not mean
That we are separate
And so we welcome the unclean
The mad, the desperate
The people of the West have spoke
They want their countries back
They view their countries as one folk
And so the Left must pack
And leave most quickly in the night
From every Western town
And province till they’re out of sight
And the world’s turned upside down

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