The Tony Awards

Anthony Weiner, a man who has given sexual perversion a bad name, may be the unlikely savior of the Republic. Ironic that the marriage of convenience to Huma may lead to Hillary wearing a permanent orange pantsuit. The revelation that 650,000 Hillary emails resided on Tony Weiner’s laptop, causing FBI Director Jim Comey to send a letter to Congress a week before the election saying he was re-opening the Clinton email case might have been just the straw that broke the back of the Clinton camel and moved enough swing state voters to vote for Trump. I believe Donald Trump would have been elected even had the emails not surfaced on Weiner’s laptop, but we will never know how much of an effect the Comey letter had. But Donald Trump is president-elect, and the country is saved. And what is more, unless Hillary is pardoned by Obama, she will face charges of violation of the espionage act and obstruction of justice, among many other crimes she thought she would never have to pay for.

For little girls there is no keener
Man alive than Tony Weiner
He likes ‘em short, he likes ‘em long
And now his emails sing a song
Of Hillary and email docs
That puts her now in a tight box
But will she squirm and wiggle out
Or run in circles, scream and shout
And will the Times and Post declare
The timing surely is unfair
Forgetting that we all despise
The folks who spring the big surprise
Just days before elections loom
To send the GOP to doom
What’s in these emails we don’t know
We’ll just sit back, enjoy the show
It’s over now, election done
The bitch is gone and Trump has won

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