Das Ende Der Welt

The German magazine Der Spiegel ran a cover story explaining how the election of Donald Trump meant the end of the world. And they were absolutely correct. The election of Donald Trump, along with Brexit, shows that the growing fear, loathing and anger in Europe at the open borders policy of the Leftist elite governing class that has flooded Western Europe with unassimilated and unassimilable third world Muslim foreigners into their midst has resulted in the people of Europe preparing to replace the current elitist ruling class with people who care about the future of Western civilization and the safety of European populations. And to that extent Der Spiegel is correct – the world as they know it, the leftist elitist run socialist world that Der Spiegel knows and approves of, is dead.

Der Spiegel cries, The end is near!
Not knowing that end is here
For fascism in smiling guise
And so to them the big surprise
Will come when shortly they’ll be gone
As surely as the coming dawn
Will usher in to Europe wide
Renewal of the nation’s pride
In what the West means to Der Welt
The art and science that has spelt
Extended lives for all of us
All without fanfare, boasts or muss
The rise from poverty of those
Whom nature and bad leaders chose
To keep in bondage to the soil
Dependent on incessant toil
To end their lives as old young men
Who choose not to remember when
With Brussels gone, forever dead
And future reads what Spiegel said
They’ll smile and wonder how it felt
To be there as Trump changed Die Welt

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