Le Pen And The General

France is not a stranger to violent politics, to sudden overturns of the political structure. In the aftermath of the Paris attacks by Muslim killers, French President Hollande sees his principal duty to the nation, and to the political structure to which he belongs, the denial of power to the nationalist leader Marine Le Pen, for he knows that following closely behind the nationalist views of Le Pen is the war-making views of General Curtis LeMay, whose B-29s burned to the ground one Japanese city after another.

The President of France will not be hurried
Into armed conflict but he must be worried
That opinion has been changed by Muslim killers
As surely as those Herculean pillars
Came crashing down to fill the floor with rubble
Which Hollande sees the major cause of trouble
Le Pen will take the fight right to the center
Of Muslim killing fields and she will mentor
The Muslims on the art of wholesale killing
The Middle East blood red with Muslim spilling
The Western way of war is not for actors
The bearded men with AKs just not factors
Le Pen, LeMay will quickly ring the curtain
On Muslims who think Western weakness certain

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