As In A Mist

In the weeks and days before the election I wrote, in these pages, that Donald Trump would win the election. But I also believed, and wrote, that the Trumpian epoch would be but a temporary interruption in the inevitable triumph of demographics and the re-gaining of power by the progressives, and the continuation of the inevitable decline of the United States into a two tiered nation, half third world and half first world, with the inhabitants of the first world half de facto second class citizens, all leading, again inevitably, to secession and possible civil war. I have changed my mind about the dystopian future of the country, and now believe, due to the nature of the Trump win, and the predictable nature of a Trump administration, that the grievance and identity politics of the Democrats has led to the destruction for generations of the Democratic Party. White voters have taken their country back, and are not in any mood to return it to those who had no hand in building it.

The future is a misty land of bright uplands and roses
And as we travel through the mist the future then discloses
Reality and truth for all to see and know and follow
And in the misty beauty touch the golden bright-winged swallow
The misty future holds for us a promise of tomorrow
Where dreams are ours forever and the stars are ours to borrow
Just for the night or for forever, dreams are for the reaching
And lessons of the blighted past are all there for the teaching
The misty land now reaches out and bids us come and find it
For it is ours to keep so long as good strong men will mind it

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