The Epic Journey Of Hillary Clinton

Bill and Hillary Clinton are two commoners who believe themselves royalty, and thus beyond the law and beyond all consequences. Like all pretenders, it does not have a happy ending.

In Arkansas where he was king, and Hillary his queen
They ruled with arrogance and unquenched greed
The law was for the little folks, and opening the scene
Whitewater showed how both the Clintons feed
On honest people who believe the law is true and fair
And cattle futures bets will always win
With payoffs made at dead of night with not a witness there
With Clintons honesty’s the only sin
Our secular society has but one holy site
The Oval Office ringing with great names
And greater men who worked for us through both the day and night
And Billy’s semen now one of the shames
A Senate seat for Hillary that’s paid for with the lives
Of innocents at lunch in park-side grille
Whose killers then got pardoned so that they, their kids and wives
Would lead to Puerto Rican votes for Hill
As Sec of State our Hillary set secrets to be hacked
By enemies who gladly paid the price
Of tens of millions to the Clintons where the cash was stacked
In piles while AG Lynch said ain’t that nice
The Democrats rewarded treason with their highest prize
The nomination to be Chief of State
The vote was rigged but the black veil was ripped from the disguise
By emails that produced a Wikigate
And when the Congress sent subpoenas asking for emails
The Clintons then destroyed them with a smile
And claimed that no one here on Earth would see the fine details
Of wedding plans and yoga lessons while
The White House and the AG Lynch forbade the Feds to look
Into obstructing justice, then a crime
For had the FBI looked into matters then the crook
We know as Hillary would do some time
The Clintons left the White House in 01 and said they’re broke
So broke they stole some furniture en route
While quite forgetting millions for the pardons Bill bespoke
And stealing White House furniture was cute
The FBI asked Hillary some questions and she lied
Another crime that would put you in jail
In fairness there were some who knew all this and fairly tried
To see the law obeyed but always fail
And so the polls show people are okay with sending crooks
And traitors to the White House, c’est la vie
Where Hillary can use BleachBit to sanitize the books
And smile and say there’s nothing here to see
But Trump has won and now a new AG is nemesis
That follows at a distance and then strikes
And now that she will not be safe within the premises
She may find that the law does what it likes
She thought she would be safe within the White House sacred halls
But now we’ll see that justice, law, prevail
And when the wheels grind fine enough the stone gray prison walls
Will see our Hillary at last in jail

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