The Horror We Have Avoided

Outwardly, after a Clinton victory all will seem normal – football games will continue to be played, people will get up and go to work, movie theaters will remain open and all will seem to be business as usual. But beneath the surface half the country will be consumed by sullen, stubborn anger and President Clinton will attempt to suppress dissidents through the FCC and IRS. A Clinton victory will be unrecognized by half the country, and will set off a fight for legitimacy between the FBI and a thoroughly politicized Justice Department. There will be continuous Congressional investigations of the Clinton Foundation and other Clinton crimes, resulting in a deadlocked government ruled by diktat, with every motion and every spoken and written word directed to the 2018 mid-term elections. The borders will remain open and the immigrant flood with finally give the Democrats what they have striven for for decades, a permanent governing majority, albeit over a country in steady decline to third world status as the descendants of the original builders of the country become a second class minority in their own country. It will be after this, and only after this, that the revolution begun and defeated in 2016 turns violent, and will be put down with utter savagery.

The mid-terms turn the GOP
Into the Outs with tainted votes
As immigrants cross every sea
In flag bedecked and painted boats
To come ashore and claim their place
As new men in the promised land
To rule the natives but with grace
And smiling lend a helping hand
Meanwhile some watch the darkness fall
To torture land that once was theirs
And realize they can’t recall
A time there weren’t vacant stares
As people went about afraid
To say a word that might offend
Full knowing injury unstayed
Will be delivered till knees bend
For generations terror reigns
Till in the end all troubles end
And peace the land at last regains
Big Brother now your best best friend

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