Aught Sixteen

I know it’s hard to believe, but the 2016 presidential campaign is upon us. It seems we no longer have any free time between elections. Will Hillary run? Do bears…well, you know. Who will the Republicans nominate? If they nominate another wimpy almost Democrat they will lose again, and the country will be lost to the radical left for generations to come, with the likely future breakup of the United States along blue state red state lines. If the GOP nominates a true conservative they will win, and the country will be safe for a while, but it will never be completely safe, for the left never sleeps, never gives up its dream of absolute Stalinist power.

In aught sixteen the Lefty fringe
Selects someone who’ll make you cringe
The GOP on other hand
Selects the ticket Cruz and Rand
Who wins? I’ll say it all depends
Who has the stash, for he who spends
Will win – go back to JFK
Whose daddy showed them all the way

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