The Obama administration gave a non-bid 700 million dollar contract to create the Obamacare website to a software company that had failed repeatedly in the past to fulfill its contracts. Why would they do this? It will not surprise you to learn the company was run by a lot of Michelle’s old friends. The Obama administration knew the website would be extremely complex, but the Obama administration does not deal in complexity; it deals in the simple arithmetic of cronyism. So now Obamacare, designed to give health insurance to those who cannot read or understand the online forms they must fill out, will have Navigators to help them, and who will those Navigators be? Why they will be good Democrats who themselves most likely cannot read or understand the online Obamacare forms. But it doesn’t matter. Obamacare is not about health care, it’s about power.

The thing about complexity
It leads to mass perplexity
Among the very ones it aims to help
The non-diploma readers
And the other bottom feeders
Who come along when bottom mommas whelp
Bring in the Navigators
And other hold hand aiders
And see if any forms will get filled out
For the Navigators seem to
Be less than the top for cream to
Rise and get it done, an end I truly doubt

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