Forever And A Day

Democrat scandals and incompetence and lies and frauds and the Constitution of the United States mean nothing to the plantation blacks and Hispanics the Democratic Party has accumulated over the past seventy years. A slave does not yearn for freedom; he yearns for the security of a steady supply of bread. The hardcore lefty progressive base is not enough to keep the magic circus going, but coupled with the plantation hands the Democrats have very nearly achieved a permanent majority, and 2016 will guarantee that permanent majority far into the foreseeable future. No radical Leftist has ever willingly left office. Barack Obama knows he has the radical base, and assures his low information voters that the supply of government cheese is unending, and soothes them with a cooling hand upon the brow, singing softly that things will get even better when he is President for Life.

When winter storms
Fling ice upon the window panes
I hold onto you
And dream of springtime rains
When autumn winds
Blow cold and increase all our pains
I whisper to you
There will be summer gains
When I still reign
Not bound by the two term mandate
I promise that you
Who now anticipate
Nirvana on Earth
Will reap the fortune owed to you
And that is why now
I sing this ode to you
Advance we shall
The stars align to light the way
And soon I’ll be king
Forever and a day

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