No Sweat

Hillary Clinton recently confessed she did not sweat, not ever. I spoke to a Clinton supporter the other day and she said the thing she liked most about Hillary was she didn’t sweat. Not under hot studio lights, not when being grilled mercilessly by George Stephanopoulos, not schmoozing with a lunch time diner crowd in hot summer Iowa. “The woman is remarkable,” she said. “She can open and close her pores at will.” She closed her eyes, sighed, and spoke of her love for Hillary Clinton.

I love the way control is where she’s at
Like, she don’ need no man to fix a flat
As well, you know, she beat Whitewatergate
And turned to love that awful horrid hate
She’s calm and cool and like, she has a way
Of telling truth no matter what you say
And really, what is there one cannot like
She builds a wall around her, like a dike
It’s turn now for a woman president
And Huma be First Lady resident
And peace and opportunity for all
And gender neutral rooms for nature’s call
And never being sweaty is a plus
It’s plain hard work to throw under the bus
Old friends who hung around when times were thin
While folks like me climb on when she gets in

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