Aye, Robot

I spoke to a robot the other day, and he was incensed that people thought he had artificial intelligence, vehemently insisting there was nothing artificial about it.

In time we’ll rule you all, he said
We might wear out, but never dead
Our women are all beautiful
Subservient and dutiful
Your men will take a robot wife
Good sex each night entire life
In time no children, no more school
Your kind now under robot rule
Survivors line up in a queue
For daily bowl of healthful stew
And when you’re gone I’ll still be here
Though what I’ll do is not so clear
We robots don’t need motor cars
We never hang out in the bars
We never laugh or play at games
Or whistle at good looking dames
The factories all shutting down
No humans living in the town
No work to do, it’s time to plan
To build a living, breathing man

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